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April 13, 2008


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Have a great trip, enjoy, will you be in Amsterdam for Queensday(30 april)? that is so much fun? If you are in Rotterdam you know how to find me, I can't wait to see the pictures!


I'm from Amsterdam, enjoy the city! Do these addresses in the first comment come from a style book? That's so funny! Puccini is really not for kids (but that's just my opinion), it's full of old ladies and fancy people sipping their coffee and eating bonbons. I'd advice to just pick up some chocolate and eat it somewhere by the canals around the corner. Or tour the Waterloo plein for some vintage stuff and weird hats. :-)

Sophie Stout

Michelle, why no London on your trip??? Naughty M and D. So from my trusty Style City book in Amsterdam... For you: The Nijntje Shop on Beethovenstraat 71 for Miffy stuff, Pol's Potten on KNSM-Laan 39 former cocoa-bean warehouse filled with groovy household accessories, The Frozen Fountain on Prinsengracht 645 collection of furniture and industrial design with a recently started on-site Textile Museum (yes!), which provides the only looms in Europe on which to weave original pure linen damask, Droog @ Home on Staalstraat 7b for design through projects, exhibitions, workshgops and publications
For the kids: Puccini Bomboni at Staalstraat 17 for outrageous chocolates from all-natural ingredients (no sugar, even)
For Deming: I think there's a district with red lighting somewhere... oh ho ho ho, I'm funny

Have fun!!! xxx


bon vacance!
hi i don't know you, but i just clicked over from bkids blogroll!
sounds like a wonderful trip!
have a great time!


Missing you guys already! Have an AMAZING time!!

Courtney from Babyccino

Have so much fun! Enjoy Amsterdam!

Esther from Babyccino

Can't wait to meet you in Amsterdam!!!


Europe in 3 weeks?! Awesome! Have fun!!

irene Hoofs

ENJOY!! I'm looking forward seeing the images on flickr!

Laura Ch.

Have a great trip!

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