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August 22, 2007


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it must be all the wonderful energy they have! my son is the same way. the fun far outweighs the conditions... :)


Well, i actually have made some minor changes but i haven't gotten it to the point of being ready to show. The one thing that i'm really happy with is that i purchased the Cubit shelving from DWR. i placed the shelves below the windows in a long, horizontal row and they're perfect for storing books and placing objects and toys on top. I'm actually hacking away at this room slowly (seems to be the way it goes). the odd thing about this room is that it is poorly insulated an it's freezing cold in the winter (almost colder than it is outside). So, i don't get much done in the winter. The fantastic red mats are from IKEA's children's section. I got them about 3 years ago, so i'm not sure if they're still manufacturing them.

I'll be sure to post some updates as soon as i get the guts to enter that freezing room. how is it that my girls don't even notice the temperature?


that's a wonderful room. do you have any updates?

also, i'd love to know where you found those nice red mats.

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