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September 25, 2007


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noooo! what a nightmare!!


funny, i just got an email that camilla has new prints for sale (the set of 4 for $45)


ooh, thanks for the xml tip - i'm going to look into that like, yesterday, lol!
i've got 2 of camilla's prints in littlemama's room - i think they were about $25 each which isn't too bad but she sells out of them pretty fast.


hi mama!
yeah, my tip of the day would be to occasionally export your blog to an xml file -- you can do this thru your control panel. save the xml file to your computer. yeah, i'm very thankful i was able to scrounge up the majority of my posts.

thanks for the compliments on my daughter's room. it's always a work in progress :). now i just need to conquer that tornado we call a "playroom".

i've been a huge fan of camilla engman's work. maybe i'll own something of hers someday -- i have to pace myself.


oh no! i never even thought about that happening. what a relief that you were able to retrieve what you could.

i never posted how fabulous i think your girls room is - you have awesome taste. and i especially like the fact that you like yoshitomo nara - he's one of my very favorite artists. i bet you would like camilla engman's work - she's amazing!

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