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February 11, 2008


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brown tie

I think it's cool for parents to let kids know the importance of dressing up early in life. Some kids might grow up not liking long sleeved shirts, leather shoes, and ties, and that might affect their sense of, say, professionalism by the time they have to apply for jobs and stuff. That's why whenever we have time, I let my son wear some of my formal clothes and ties, and we combine that with some games. That way, he gets to have fun while practicing for his future.

- Cliff Spears


These little ties are adorable! My son would love one.


These are awesome :)


bubba would look so cute in this for church


I know the perfect boy who'd look adorable in this tie. No, not Clay.


no worries :)

Monica Blood

Oops! I didn't mean to comment twice. I am so sorry!

Monica Blood

I love the ties! Either one of my little guys would look adorable in one!


Those are the most adorable ties!

scoop's mommy

a tie for my guy...sigh...


My boys fight over the one tie we have---for pretending they are Clark Kent. We'd love a fancy one like these for Easter. Thanks!


What fun ties for little boys - perfect for my little one!

Makai's Dad

OMG how cool are those? Daddy has a "no tie" rule, but the little guy would look great in that black one!


How fabulous! I think my husband would like this so much more than the babylegs/legwarmers I put on little man everyday!


These are so cute. I checked out their website at www.daintycouture.etsy.com and they have a ton of different fabrics to choose from. I love these ties and if I don't win, I'm getting my little man one anyway!


Archer says "I wanna win!!"


oh, easter is coming up too! my little man would love a tie.

Julia E

Oooh, my little guy would look so handsome in one of these!


Oh so stylish. I love the pattern choices!


Darling--great selection of patterns!


very cute. orange one especially.


This would be perfect for my little guy!


I'd love to win! My little man loves to wear a tie.

New England Girl

Gorgeous! My little guy would love these, since he is really into looking like his dad.

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