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February 18, 2008


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I’ll also received personalized book by my parents when i was 5 years old.Kids love personalized gifts! The very first thing they will want to learn is how to spell their own name. Personalized books are ideal for any occasion and spark your child’s imagination.Our books make great gifts for birthdays and holidays.These are a few gifts for you to look at but be sure to visit at http://www.mychildbook.com and look at all the great gift ideas we have for you.


I’ll also received personalized book by my parents when i was 10,most perfect gift because i will have something that i can treasure forever.How cool is that.If you have kids and need to find something useful as gifts, then i recommend you to visit www.mychildbook.com.


I too loved my personalized book that I received when I was 7. Mine was about me and the bee. It looks like it was printed on a typewriter! Okay, I'm dating myself, hee hee. But these new books are AMAZING! The graphics are so much better than what I had when I was a kid. Of course, everyone LOVES seeing their name in print. If you order a book, be sure to use coupon code jennifer (all lowercase) and receive FREE standard shipping! Enjoy!

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