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March 17, 2008


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Julia B

This is such a beautiful and generous offer from Quiet Hour Toys. My daughter would love this beautiful set. I would like to be entered for the first set, please. Thank you!


My daughter would love either! If I absolutely must positively choose, I'd like package 1... I love those clips! :)


These are so lovely - with boy/girl twins either set would be perfect although I suspect that Spring 1 would get more use since my daughter is a big fan of stuffed bunny rabbits although the red truck would also be in constant rotation!


Fabulous! I love pkg 1 - my dd would love that sparrow and the clips. Thanks for the chance!


To cute. Spring 1 wins out just for having the felt hair clips alone. Great find-thanks for sharing this wonderful site.


I'd love to win spring 2, spring 1 is adorable, but I have 2 boys, and 9 nephews! life is so unfair sometimes.


These are great! I'd love the girly set!

Suzanne Bastien

Such a lovely site! I love the vintage look of those toys!
I would love set #2 for my best friend who is pregnant and due in July.

Thank you!

Jenni Joseph

What a great offer...either one would be just fine! Thanks!

Jenni Joseph

What a great offer...either one would be just fine! Thanks!

Aniela R.

I'd probably prefer Spring 2, but they are both so adorable!


I would love love love to win!!! Either one!!! thanks soo much! :)


would love to win the girls package - though their triplet brother may be jealous!

Mommy Cracked

Spring 2 is my favorite! Super cute stuff!


great site.......


Love them both! Too cute!


If given free reign, I would go crazy on this site and buy every single thing. Thank you for introducing it!


How generous, cute, and just overall awesome of you!
It would be Spring 1 for me.



Love these toys, they are fab. Not picky on girl or boy set as I have one of each.


All of your items are so cute and very fun looking. What a great way to use imaginations! I think my daughter would like spring 1! Thank you :)

Mrs. F

Yay! A giveaway! I love them both, they are both too cute!!!!

An Ordinary Mom

Both packages are fabulous, but Spring 2 would work better for my little boy. Thanks!

An Ordinary Mom

Both packages are fabulous, but spring 2 would probably work better for my son.


It's just awesome that other people are creative so that I don't have to be! They're both adorable and I have two boys but a niece on the way!


I like the second collection- what a great set of toys!

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