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September 04, 2008


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Oh, we would love any one of your prints, why? well of course because they are gorgeous. If we had to choose one, definately the giraffes, or maybe the elephant - to ohard to choose.


Because it would look right at home in every room of my house...love your work

Rebecca C

I like the style of the art work so simple, and yet child friendly, my daughter had fun naming the animals!



the prints remind me of images from books when i was a child... one would be so sweet in my sons room!



I'd love to win this to decorate my nursery with because even though they are fun and child orientated, they are a work of art and would give me something to smile about when I am feeding through the night. I would also mount and frame mine as you have in your photo, so you know it would be respected and taken care of. I'm OCD and proud. - It would also be an intelligent talking point in the room as aopposed to the price of a 24 pack of chlorine fee diapers.


These prints are so sweet. My son is just learning to , and while he can't say the names of his favorite animals, he likes to try to make the sounds that they do. His first word was woof-woof. The roar growl print would be a lovely way to mark this stage of his life.


...because I'm adopting a baby boy from Ethiopia and any one of these would be perfect in the baby room!!! love love love your creations.....plus I'm having a crappy night!


I love handmade artwork that is unique and these prints fit that description. I am having a baby girl in three months and really could use to get working on the nursery so it isn't bare when she arrives. My favorite print is the Giraffe Kisses, although it looks like that one has been sold already - hopefully if I win there will be another one! Thanks!


Oh my gosh, those are ADORABLE! I'd like to do baby-to-be's nursery in a wild animal theme, so they're especially perfect.



I love the "Tiny Friend" print. That would look cute in the kid's room on the wall above the Hamster cage. After all, she's our "tiny friend" too!

Thank you for an adorable giveaway!


I'd like to win one of the prints because I find them utterly charming.

Stephanie M

These prints are absolutely adorable. They would be just perfect for our "jungle" play room.

Vicki Wurgler

these are so sweet-I like the Frau Bird. But the kids like the elephant and the lion,the print would look good in their room

Gina Stratos

I love this art so much I'd hand it in my living room!


I have never heard of Gocco before. That's neat. I woul dlove to win a print because thay are whimsical and unique.

Thank you


My daughter loves elephants so I would pick that one for her room.


I have never hear of "Gocco" printing before. The screen printing effect is whimsical and fun! Our home could use a bit of whimsical decorating. I know just where I would hang your print. It would be hung above our fireplace in the family room. Please enter me in your delightful drawing. Many thanks, Cindi


I would like to win the elephant print because the mouse is wearing a fez…


I would love them because they are mod and fun. Much better than a lot of "kid" art out there!!

Hanna DeMaster

I love the simplicity of the prints and would love to have something simple and tasteful in my son's room.


My daughter and I are big fans of the Frau Bird print and I would love to have this print to frame and hang in our living room. Also, I am going to take a beginning Gocco class and your lovely art would be inspiring!

Thank you for the giveaway!


I'd like to win b/c we're moving and I have 2 kids' rooms to decorate.


These prints are simply adorable!! This would be a welcome addition for my little neice or nephew's room. It's a jungle theme...roar!!


rasa Krisiukenaite

I'd like to win one because your prints are adorable and because it would be my first Gocco print!

Alice Hansen

My favorite is the Tiny Friend Gocco Print - I'd love to hang that up in my new baby's room. The theme is animals and that would be perfect. Thanks for the chance!

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