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September 04, 2008


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The reason I would like one is two-fold...one is that I'm redoing my daughter's room and the other reason is that I just bought a gocco and i need some inspiration, because I'm afraid of it right now! Great work!


Wow! These prints are simply beautiful. I particularly adore the giraffe print; the way the small one looks up to the tall one is very sweet, and the perched bird is a darling touch. We find out the gender of our little one next week, but regardless of its gender this print will go perfectly in our evolving nursery.


I would love to win a print of "Tiny Friend" (the elephant picture) because my husband and I recently saw it at an Art for Change fundraiser in Seattle. It was only after the event that I realized you were the artist! We drew a relatively high number for our turn to choose, and "Tiny Friend" was the one we wanted all along. It was disappointing when someone ahead of us selected it. So it would be GREAT to win a print of it! Thank you!

lisa m

The prints are lovely! How can I not want one? Any one of those would go great in my daughter's room, who is 18 months old. I have a gocco as well and have only really printed notecards. Having one of your prints would also be a great inspiration!


I am in the process of completing an adoption of a baby girl from Ethiopia. I have been having a challenging time trying to find the correct inspiration for her room, I just want it to be adorable for my baby girl. When I look at your prints, they make me smile and give me all kinds of inspiration for my nursery. They are simply lovely! Your print would serve as a great starting point for my special blessings room and continue to add to the memories for our new family!


Your prints are surely beautiful!
I would like to have one of KidHaus' Gocco prints so that I can put it up in my (future) classroom when I finally become a teacher (next september) so that children can see something one of a kind, artistic and that they realise that being authentic gives fabulous results!
(I sure hope I win!!!!!!!!!)
Thanks for doing this giveaway!


I love the Roar Growl print, because my 14 month old son "roars" at every animal he sees. It would always remind me of this time in his life, and my brain scurries to hold onto these moments....


Your prints are adorable. I love everything Gocco.


A Roar or a Growl, now wouldn't that make the kids room "wow", an elephant or griaffe to make the kids laugh - I'd love any of these amazing pieces of art that I'm sure would become a permanent fixture in my heart.


These prints are adorable! Clean, colorful, whimsical... right up my alley.

I'd love one of these, (and I'd be inclined to buy more when money isn't so crazy).

My daughter (2.5 yrs) is a huge animal nut and I know one of these would make her day. To me, that's reason enough for anything. I love to see the kid smile.

micaela6955 (Michele P.)

I like the Frau Bird, so colorful and pleasant to look at when you walk into a room! My 6 yr old is very creative, and does very well in art-I like to surround her with new forms of art and encourage her creativity. Plus, having some art in the house is always a nice thing...

micaela6955 at msn dot com


We're slowly working on decorating a shared kids' room, and good art is an important piece of the decorating puzzle...and I'm in love with the lion and bear.


I would love a Gocco print because we are buying a new house, and I'm super excited to re-decorate our little ones' room. I've gotten a lot of inspiration from your blog on how to decorate and a Gocco print would really finish the look off. My little one (affectionately called Rhubarb) loves animals, so that will be the theme of her new room. Its much more fun to decorate her room when I know her personality, likes and dislikes (there will be no water themes in this room, that is a definite dislike for her), so I'm really looking forward to it. Thanks for your wonderful blogs!


I come to your blog because I love seeing your gocco prints & dreaming up how I would incorporate them into my kids' spaces. Since buying a new house there is barely enough funds to make repairs, let alone having the cash to decorate the kids rooms. Winning a KidHaus Gocco print would allow me to add a piece of playful artwork to otherwise bare walls.


Hi there, I saw your sweet prints on Springtree Road and stopped in to add my name to the pot for this exciting giveaway! So glad to have found your lovely blog and etsy shop!


why would I like one? because the elephant print is ridiculously adorable, that's why. oh and my two kids might like it too.


I would love one of your beautiful prints! We just moved to our first house and I am slowly decorating the room shared by my two children (boy, age 3, girl age 5). They're in bunk beds which is exciting enough, but my daughter insists that no new art be "for babies." One of your prints would appeal to both of them (and me too, of course).


I would love love LOVE to have one of those prints! I've been fascinated with gocco and have been reading up on it lately, hoping to give it a whirl one day. This summer I made the decision to homeschool my daughter for preschool (at least) this year. We've been organizing and decorating our office so that it can become a little school room of sorts for my daughter, and one of your prints would MAKE the room!


I would love one of your Kidshaus Gocco prints because one, they are very well designed and printed, two because I have been trying to find more art I like and can afford, for my kids rooms (Frau Bird is too cute for words and would be the perfect complement to my daughter's room), and three because when we get our Gocco out it is always for a project for someone else and never for ourselves. I want someone to get the Gocco going for us. I love visiting your blog, thank you!


well you know that i want one or two of your prints!!! what woman wouldn't!!! would love to put another one up in the play oom or give it away asa gorgeous gift!!! very generous giveaway...fingers crossed


I'd love Frau Bird for my girls' room! Our youngest daughter was born in July, and one of her nicknames is Baby Bird. It would look lovely in our home!


I'm a huge fan of your blog and was so excited to see you working on these prints. One of your animal prints would be a perfect addition to my son's art inspired nursery ... you can see pictures here...
Thank you again for all the inspiration.


(Well, I plan to buy one or two once our bank account recovers from the move, but don't tell anyone until after the giveaway, ok?) It's V's first room all to herself and I'm trying to make it really special for her. So I'm going with handmade whenever I can. Frau Bird would be perfect for her room. It would go with her quilt (not match it, the colors are different, but the birds are similar). I don't want a heavy theme, so I think Frau Bird would be the perfect way to continue the nature-y vibe I'm going for without everything being matchy matchy. Know what I mean, jellybean? Also, looking at the bigger picture, we want to raise our girl to follow her bliss and be entrepreneurial, should that be her calling. It might seem unrelated to sweet F. Bird, but I think just having things around made by actual people will inspire imagination and be a reminder of what's possible.



Because they're gorgeous!!! Do I need another reason? It would go right on the wall over my kids' bed!


Just this week I decided to tackle the walls by our staircase that have been empty for years - I'm creating a gallery of animal prints mixed in with my two little boys' artwork. . . & I've had my eye on your adorable prints, so I would absolutely love to win one! Thank you sooo much!

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