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September 04, 2008


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These prints are so adorable yet simple. Any baby/child will love them for the colors and shapes. Thank you!! :)

Carrie H.

I learned about Gocco printing when my cousin made her own completely amazing wedding invitations with a Gocco machine. I'm so intrigued by them, and your prints are so great. We're moving soon so I'd love some lovely prints to decorate the baby's room in the new house!


Those are beautiful! I'd love to win one because we moved into our home 10 months ago and my daughter's walls (not to mention the walls of the rest of the house) are still bare :( Clearly we need some motivation to begin decorating!

Go Amie

I think your prints are fun, but still calming. They would be perfect for a baby's room, so the baby has some visual interest, but nothing over-stimulating. I would love to give one to my friend who is expecting her first!


Well, first it would be a wonderful decoration for our baby's room - he is due in January and we have yet to buy anything. I'm procrastinating, thinking hard about what I see vs. need. Don't want to go overboard and buy unnecessary items that he might never even use, just because I get excited and this is our first. (taking calming breaths after just THINKING about all the fun shopping!) Second, I've been thinking about buying a Gocco for myself, to do christmas cards, or personalized birthday, shower, etc cards for friends. Would love to see how your final product looks and feels, and what I can expect (once I get good at using it!). Thanks so much for this fun giveaway!!


I would love the roar growl Gocco print! It would go in my 16 month old's room. She loves lions & bears and if you ask her "what does a lion say?" She says rarrrr!! And growls!! It is absolutely adorable. If she had this in her room it would be a lot of fun for her! She can also say bear (ba!) and lion (lala!) It's adorable! It's like this Gocco was made for her lol!


I love all of your prints, and we need them around here as my 3 year old girl and my 15 month old son are now sharing a room. They would really help neutralize all the pink and girliness that's currently going on in there! The elephant is our fave.


I'd love to win one of your prints because they are super cute and it would be a great way to jazz up a plain wall! :)

Molly B.

I would love one of these prints because I am always looking for interesting artwork. These would be great for a kids room, or just any room in the house!


I love unique and simple lines of this artwork. Please pick me to win!


I love the roar growl print.

My toddler wants animals in his new bedroom and this would be such a chic way to decorate his walls. Much better than the pastels that I've been seeing everywhere.

I love the idea of the large frame as well.

Marlena U.

Your prints are unqiue and modern. They're unlike the "typical" wall art that I've seen before and when I look at them...they speak to me...showing me the relationship between a parent and a child...especially the giraffe print. I love it and would love to have one in my daughter's room.


I would love one because they are all so cute. Also, because my son's room has no pictures of anything hanging on the wall. I've always wanted something but I never have gotten around to it. He's almost two now, so this would help me to get started decorating his room.


why I would like to win one of your fabulous master pieces.....
the answer is simple
im obsessed with giraffes
and am in love with your Giraffe artwork
Im so obsessed you see ive even resorted to making my daughter walk around looking like a giraffe see here
so please put me out of my misery and send me one of your fabulous creations
Or else I may have to make my son a matching giraffe outfit as well *insert shocked mortified 4 yr old boys face here*

Good luck to all who enter and thanks for hosting such a generous giveaway :)


I recently decided to homeschool my daughter for preschool. SO we've sprucing up the office and making it into a school room as well. One of your prints would look so perfect in the room. I've asked my daughter which one she likes the best, and she loves the elephant. I was leaning towards the bird myself, but there you have it.


I recently decided to homeschool my daughter for preschool. SO we've sprucing up the office and making it into a school room as well. One of your prints would look so perfect in the room. I've asked my daughter which one she likes the best, and she loves the elephant. I was leaning towards the bird myself, but there you have it.


You prints are lovely. They are simple yet stunning. Of course my immediate thought is to put your prints in my daughters room...but I think I would like them almost anywhere in my house. So fun and joyful!

lisa e.

I love them because they are simple and beautiful. Any one would look wonderful in my baby's room. Heck! Any room of the house, really!

kelly oliver

I have to admit I'm obsessed with your blog. I love to wake up and have my coffee while reading what your latest post has been. When your gocco prints arrived, I was blown away. I love the simplicity and freshness of them. I've been wanting to purchase one, but I want them all! I know one of the prints would look lovely on our stair wall going up to the kiddos area. Thanks for considering me!


I especially like the giraffe print. My little girl (aged 2) is totally into giraffes right now and it also happens to be one of my favourite animals. This print is a very sweet representation of mother and daughter love. And red and pink flowers on a gold background, just gorgeous! This picture is just what I would need to decorate my little flower's new bedroom..


I visit your blog every morning (at work...)since months now, and I've been enchanted by your prints when I first saw them. I'm a huge gocco fan, and was thinking of buying one of yours on Etsy (I'm a huge Etsy fan too...), so, well, this giveway is kind of perfect for me. If I win it, I'll definitly frame it and put it in my new study, that is the corner of my bedroom from where I'm working on my future web store, www.minouchet.com...
All the best,
Catherine from Belgium


my son adores animals, and a print would be so perfect for his room! they're so fun and fresh.


My second daughter inherited her older sister's room when she was born (the crib was in there already). Older sis had plenty of artwork that moved into her new room, but little one has nothing of her own now. I love these prints, and any one of them would go perfectly with the animal theme in her room.


I would love one of your gocco's to frame and hang in the playroom I plan on re-doing soon so it can be MY playroom too. So cute!


The reason I would like one is two-fold...one is that I'm redoing my daughter's room and the other reason is that I just bought a gocco and i need some inspiration, because I'm afraid of it right now! Great work!

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