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October 19, 2008


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I saw this post last year and fell in love with these units. I have since bought the whole set....of course sourcing for the cheapest price. My daughter and i lived off bread and porridge for months but it was worth it. All of her friends make a bee-line for the kitchen!

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These designs are really awesome.Kids really enjoy to play with these wooden sets since they have a long life.It is handy and cute in design and i think everyone should have a similar kind of wooden tools.


I think I saw these at Izilla Toys. Not super helpful info unless you live in Seattle.
Also Bellevue Art and Frame, which is quickly becoming one of my favorite stores. They have a great selection of Playmobil and Plan Toys!


i'm not exactly sure about sturdiness but we have a wooden oven (can't recall the brand at the moment) but my 2 year old loves to stand on the oven door when it's open. it's managed to hold up with all of the wear and tear so far...but, again, i can't speak for these particular ones.


Great design. My one question is, do you know how sturdy these are?
The doors in particular look susceptible to damage if a child were to sit on the oven door or hyperextend the washing machine door.

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