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November 20, 2008


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This is such a lovely idea! Ms. Bean's illustration is fantastic - it would be fun to see a couple pages out of her book. I love how kid's minds work.


i love this idea. i'm planning to get a stamp made when V eventually starts writing her name. i think it'd be a great idea to get her a name stamp made at least once a year for several years.

they make really great gifts too. years ago, i worked with a guy who would draw this funny little character - an inside joke between us - and i stole one of his drawings and had a custom stamp made for him of it for his birthday. the last time i talked to him i asked him about it and he said it was one of his favorite presents ever & that he still has it (this was 10+ years ago).

i think it's the best gift i ever gave someone.

Esther (from Babyccino)

This is SO cute!!! Really a wonderful idea - will send in one of my daughter's drawings too!

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