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January 18, 2009


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wholesale kid's clothing

What a cool design of the shirts. looks very attractive. just asking if there's any available color of that.?


wholesale kid's clothing

I'm just drop by to your site and look, i was fascinated by Charlie and Sarah: Superhero Monogram. is it true that you can choose the letters you want to print in your superhero monogram? if that the case. i think it's great! keep posting!



yes! i just came across those chalkboard tees last week and they're so darn cute. who would have ever thought that one could make a chalkboard tee?!


these are really adorable!

have you seen the chalkboard tees? i want one of those as well for my little guy.

heres the link...



I've been eyeing these shirts as well...I can't decide if I want one more for myself or my little one.


i think V definitely needs one of these!

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