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January 12, 2009


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Charmaine Velasco

Hi Michelle!

I love this. This reminds me of that book, "Christina Katerina and the Box" by Patricia Lee Gauch. Do you remember that book? It was first released in the seventies, then went out of print. It was recently reprinted, but, sadly, it does not seem to be the case today. Ah, but a used copy can always be located.

I truly love your site. Thank you!

Beata Basik

Oh my Gosh!....


I love that...


I love them!! I too wouldn't mind living in them as long as it was somewhere warm, dry and sunny!


those are so cute!

it would also be a cool challenge to make some version of them yourself.


Happy New year to you and your family!!

love these, I was at the 'Kleine Fabriek' yesterday where I saw plenty of lovely new kids design including www.Kidsonroof.com, with also great cardboard items.

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