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April 03, 2009


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maya | springtree road

i make my own dough - and i usually double the batch so i can freeze the extra dough. then just let it sit out for a while to warm up, shape it, add your toppings & bake.

i've also heard some restaurants will let you buy dough from them, but i haven't tried that.


We dont live near an organic store that provides pizza dough so we purchase it from Dominoes. For $3 you ask for a large, rolled out dough with corn meal. Super simple and cheap.


We love making pizza, and I always get load of "help" from my little guys! I cheat a bit and buy my dough in a bag from Trader Joe's. Okay, I also get their Quattro Formaggio cheese already grated, too. And their organic tomato sauce in a can... But I swear, it is delicious! Sometimes I do pears instead of tomato sauce & gorgonzola... yum!


If you're lucky enough to have a stand mixer, it makes pizza dough an easy task -- we used to go through those pillsbury ones quite often. We tried it in the mixer once and we haven't gone back since. One of the benefits is we only use half of the recipe and freeze the other half for next time.

...but if you are mixing by hand, I feel your pain and by all means, stick to what works for you. Looks like sooo much fun! Can't wait till my little girl is old enough to enjoy the process (until then, she can just enjoy the product!)


wow,that sounds really jummie, We all love homemade pizza, I use the recipe of Jamie Oliver and it is quite easy and always a hit!


I love that word "vegiquarian"--I have never heard that before. That's me! I always buy dough at Trader Joe's. I'm kind of a lazy cook, but I'm sure your family appreciated your effort!

Mommy Cracked

How fun! A great way to get the little ones involved in cooking.

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