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February 19, 2010


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That fox print is so cute, I had to post him! Lovely!


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Craig Oliver

I love Mr. Fox! Hope I the lucky winner!


He is awesome. He almost reminds me of a Robin Hood.

Jennifer R.

Foxy Foxington...that's what comes to my mind. LOVE the print!

Kelly Oliver

Love your newest print! Would love to win this!


love love love it!


That is adorable.


very beautiful


Oh, what a wonderful piece of art. I just love foxes!


Congrats on another beautiful print!


I forgot about the name of the fox. I'm votin for a French title. Monsieur le Renard.


Wonderful... Lovely. I'm from Quebec City and I follow your blog since many months. I love reading your posts and to see your beautiful images. Sorry for my bad writting in English, I'm a fenchie girl. Continue your good work. If I win, I'm gonna put it in the bedroom of my two little sons. It's perfect for boys. Geneviève


Little cute Foxy Fox!


That little fox looks SO cute!


Mr. F. McFox


I say Sir Foxington

or Foxster

or Sir Foxxum

Great Print . It is perfect for my son!


How brilliant you are! Feliciano is a favorite "f" name of mine, though I do love when a piece is left untitled every once and a while.

Julie R

love it! Felix the Fox has a ring to it...maybe it's the x's? :)


Fantastic, M Fox!


He looks Bavarian to me, so I'd name him Fritz.

dana beth

i love this little gentleman.


just what i need in my BR - a gentleman fox.

Elaina Stanley

I'm a fancy fan on Facebook!


Mr Kat says call him Petunia. Bonkers.

Can't get onto your fan page, would join if I could :(

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